Gateway Chevrolet Surpasses over $9 Million from DealActivator ™

Gateway Chevrolet DealActivator Success StoryThe Challenge

Mike Burns, Trade Equity Specialist at Gateway Chevrolet was looking to bring in more business. Mike believed that by not focusing on generating business through in-equity customers, the dealership was essentially leaving money on the table.

The Solution

Gateway Chevrolet turned to Dominion’s DealActivator to increase tap into their equity customers. DealActivator provides dealers with a daily list of customers who could trade out of their current vehicle into a comparable or upgraded vehicle at a lower payment. To attract customers to the dealership, Gateway Chevrolet sends customers both emails and direct mailers to inform them about their vehicle options. “We are sending emails twice a month, and the response is great. Some of our customers have $700 payments. When those customers are able to come in and get a new car for only $500 a month, that’s amazing”, states Burns.

The Results

Since implementing Dominion’s DealActivator, Gateway Chevrolet has sold over an additional 3000 vehicles, grossing over $9 million. In one month alone, Gateway Chevrolet was able to sell an additional 95 vehicles and gross almost $400,000. “The solution works. It’s a win-win situation,” says Barns.

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