How Google Posts can enhance your dealership’s marketing

How Google Posts can enhance your dealership’s marketing

Recently, Google My Business has expanded Posts so that they are available to all businesses instead of being limited to sports teams and celebrities. What does this mean for automotive dealerships? This means many things, but first let’s understand what “Posts” are.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts allow businesses to create brief snippets and calls to action that appear in the knowledge pane. More importantly, these posts are a means to share fresh and relevant content to consumers that are searching for your new or used car dealership.

Why should I use Google Posts at my car dealership?

First, Google Posts are FREE – yes, you read that right – they are FREE. Besides that, Google Posts are located in very valuable digital real estate – Google’s Business Section. The content is also easily shared with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email and Direct Links.

How are the posts viewed?

On a desktop, Google Posts will appear before the review section. On mobile, they appear below the description in a unique section between overview and reviews.

Are Posts measurable and trackable?

Yes, all Google Posts have the ability for views and clicks to be tracked. UTM codes can be used in the link attached to the post, if preferred. For context, a view is counted when the ad is expanded and a click counts when the consumer clicks the call to action. The analytics of each Google Post can be found in the Google My Business Dashboard.

Limitations of Google Posts include:

  1. Posts stay up for a maximum of 7 days
  2. Videos and GIFs are not currently supported
  3. 10 post limit

Initial Results:

Below are results in our initial testing with our dealers.

Based on the initial tests, the post with the more meaningful and rich content lead to more views within the 7 day period.

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