How Hard Is Your Email Working?

How Hard Is Your Email Working?

By: Jo Duran, Senior Deployment Specialist 

Dominion Dealer Solutions sends out recurring emails; automated service reminders and follow-up messages to its many email and managed marketing customers. 

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Dealers are encouraged to convert from static email messages to responsive emails as part of the recommended best practices for every new customer. Doing so helps dealers reach online car shoppers where they live — on mobile devices.

Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Marketing Managers help automotive dealers convert from static to responsive emails while also reviewing: subject lines, message content, queries and offers for optimal impact. For those touch points that occur once a year, such as Happy Birthday and Vehicle Anniversary messages, it’s important to give your customers a reason engage with your dealership. An enhanced message further cements your relationship with these customers. On lost souls’ messages, it’s important to have an aggressive offer to bring these previous customers back to your store.


Bottom line: your dealership’s Dominion Marketing Manager is here to make your emails work harder, regardless of whether they are automated or sent monthly. Don’t set recurring emails and forget about them. Make sure to review all recurring email messages on an annual basis. Team up with your Marketing Manager for additional sales opportunities and ways to drive more customers to your dealership’s website and store. An example of a recurring email enhancement could include adding a call-to-action button to the body shop, tire center, parts, or no wait services. Lost souls or warranty recurring email messages could be added with an offer if your dealership doesn’t have one.

For three dealers with Happy Birthday recurring emails in 2014, a bounce back offer was added to help encourage customer engagement beyond opening the email.

The redesign gave these dealers an opportunity to up-sell customers redeeming their Happy Birthday message.

Overall results included:

  • 122% increase in total revenue over the previous year
  • 124% increase in visits from previous years

To learn more about how your dealership’s recurring emails can work harder, contact your Dominion Marketing Manager today. 


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