A Dealer’s Payroll Checklist

By: Tom Edwards, National Sales Manager

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our blog series concerning the use of checklists when researching prospective DMS providers.

We have created a quick checklist that includes five important Payroll questions. You’ll find basic ones regarding the relationship between Accounting, Service and Payroll, as well as a tough question regarding tracking for the Affordable Health Care Act. Can the system automatically add an employee while creating their DMS security? Can paychecks be selectively electronically deposited? Is the Payroll system in your DMS able to auto- clear WIP? Can your dealership’s DMS important tech time into payroll? Are you able to track all Affordable Health Care Act entries at your dealership and report them to the IRS correctly?

This provides an overview regarding the DMS’ thoroughness in Payroll- related research. For more information on how DominionACCESS DMS addresses these questions for automotive dealers nationwide, please contact us for a dealership- specific demo.

Hope you find it helpful. Download the complete checklist here.