Innovative Strategies To Win Over Customers


Drive past your competition with these tips and tricks

Building a loyal customer base takes more than simply selling cars. Learn how to take the next steps below.

Teach Your Customers 

Leverage your employees and their valuable knowledge. Take pictures of maintenance team members and ask them to provide a car service tip to be posted as the caption on social media. This can be used as a weekly series. Create a servicing database within your dealership’s website so that customers can easily access information and quickly get in contact with a mechanic.

Post original content in the form of videos, blog posts, and vehicle descriptions. Did you know that 73% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they watch an informational video about it beforehand? Be sure to track the performance of social posts so that you are consistently presenting the most relevant information to customers.

Referral Programs

Referral programs can be a highly effective way to reward existing customers. For example, give previous customers free maintenance service packages when their friends buy a car. Encourage customers to fill out reviews and use computer software to monitor and respond so that referrals are made both online and in-person.

While referral programs are relatively common, your dealership has the opportunity to stand out by offering unique prizes. You may even ask the referred customer what their friend’s ideal prize would be. Remember, you know your dealership’s customer best, and already possess the knowledge that can be used to connect with them.

Community Outreach 

Emotional attachment plays a huge role in decision making. When you surpass expectations, customers essentially become loud-speakers for your business. Before closing a sale, ask customers to fill out a form with their favorite charity or community organization. Later, surprise them with a small donation in their name, or explain how your dealership plans to support the organization. This is especially effective for high-end dealerships. A $20 donation could result in a referral and subsequent sale.

Personalized Outreach

While most customers expect you to post on social media to market your business, they likely do not anticipate personalized messages. The same holds true for email and print. Use email marketing and SMS text messaging to send personalized messages thanking customers for their business. Be sure to recount details from your interactions. You may even consider taking a picture of them with their new car following their purchase and sending it to them in the following week. Do whatever it takes to make them feel important to your dealership!

Further, online outreach can be linked to community outreach. For example, hold a contest asking customers to nominate people who are giving back to the area. Link hashtags and contest names back to your dealership so that customers are reminded of your commitment to the local community.

What has your dealership done to build a loyal customer base?