Is Your Email Campaign Working?

Is Your Email Campaign Working?

By: Emily Limpus, Graphic Designer 

A well-designed email campaign strategy not only drives more traffic to a dealership’s website but also generates new visitors. It’s a collaborative effort between Dominion Dealer Solution’s equity specialists, graphic designers, and the dealership itself to generate effective results. A recent email campaign for Basney Honda in Mishawaka, IN is one such example of this strategy’s effectiveness.

Dominion’s Lead Equity Specialist, Alex Haab, learned that Basney Honda wanted to sell two of their staple models, the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. While these two specific models have long- standing traditions of excellence and generally speak for themselves, it doesn’t mean that graphic designers bring anything less than their “A game”.

With any dealership email campaign, I look for three key things: Subject, Headline and Content. The subject can feature the exterior or interior of a specific vehicle. The Headline then further clarifies the subject and catches the car buyer’s attention. Font styles and colors vary, depending on whether the campaign is themed or OEM-based. Themed campaigns allow greater freedom and design flexibility, while OEM-based ones further reinforce and support OEM branding efforts. Content informs the customers of the complete offer. Tying it all together are the call- to- action buttons. These are an integral part of any campaign. You can have a beautiful design, but if you do not tell the consumer what to do with the information, the design efforts are worthless.

BasneyHondaKeeping the above elements in mind, I began designing the campaign. Since the goal was to capitalize on the Pro Sports Season, choosing to use a theme gave me the freedom to choose the font style and colors. First, I utilized the OEM vehicle image of the Honda Accord. Pulling from the color palette created from this image, I chose the blue and white tones for the headline. As a designer, I believe that keeping the design elements simple eliminates distractions and retains the viewers’ focus. I strategically chose white to accent the top of the headline in order to draw the eyes down to the vehicle headlights and grab attention toward the call- to- action buttons. I focused on limited colors and creating a clear call-to-action. These are design best practices for a successful campaign. The dealer was thrilled with the design of the campaign and could not wait to run it.

The results were staggering! The campaign had an impressive 40% open rate with 6.67% of clicks from unique customers. Visits to the dealership’s website via the “Value Trade” button generated a 57% click thru rate. Due to the success of this campaign, the design has been widely shared both amongst the team and with other Dominion equity specialists.

While I am ecstatic to see the success of this campaign for Basney Honda, it wouldn’t have been possible without the consultative, multi-channel marketing approach and open lines of communication in the Dominion team. This campaign is proof that with a well-crafted ad, success is possible. Proving these campaigns can have a direct effect in driving website traffic and creating more revenue for the dealership.

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