Measuring Performance with Dominion’s Market Center Digital Dashboard

digital dashboard

Market Center Digital Dashboard

Measuring the performance of your digital strategy can become difficult if you are maintaining multiple marketing products. Different views, scales and metrics make for complicated reporting.  How do these products interact? How can you measure overall performance?  Are the metrics consistent across platforms?  These are all valid questions to have when executing a multi-platform digital strategy.

Dominion Dealer Solutions’ newest marketing management tool, Market Center Digital Dashboard, combines the results of your Dominion marketing solutions into an easy-to-use report that will give you full visibility into how your digital strategy is being executed.

This dynamic product management tool allows you to measure your dealership’s progress and results with a single glance, helping you to make stronger business decisions than ever before.  Effortlessly track metrics and learn how each product influences one another, collectively empowering the advancement of your digital strategy with confidence and ease.

Get all of the information you need to make effective business decisions at your fingertips with the NEW Market Center Digital Dashboard!

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