Does Mobile Optimization Translate to Increased Vehicle Sales?

responsive web design

The Internet has been a buzz lately about Google’s upcoming search engine algorithm change which will result in higher rankings for mobile-friendly websites. This change is enough to make most dealers think twice about their dealership website’s performance. However, it’s not just search engine rankings that improve when a website is mobile optimized, the customer experience increases dramatically as well. In fact, 48% of internet users say that if they arrive on a website that isn’t working well on a mobile device, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. Dealerships do not want to take part in this negative first impression.

While websites are the most obvious aspect of a dealer’s digital marketing that will be affected by this upcoming algorithm change, it’s not only websites that benefit from being mobile ready. 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile device in 2014. And, according to a Litmus and MailChimp study, the first link in a responsive design email on mobile has a 30% higher click rate than non-responsive design. It’s clear that if an email doesn’t perform well on a consumers mobile device, the email is more likely to be deleted.

But, how does this translate to automotive sales? With the automotive landscape changing, dealers need to create a seamless customer experience to capture and engage visitors. An email or website that is not mobile optimized will not turn on-the-fence customers into buyers.

To learn more about how Google’s upcoming algorithm change will affect your dealership’s business, sign up for our April Webinar now. Dominion Dealer Solutions’ product managers will be discussing ways to check and see if your website and digital marketing efforts are prepared for “mobileggedon” and review ways to keep consumers from looking elsewhere.