Mobile Traffic and Engagement Soar for Acadiana Mazda with Responsive Website

Calvin Broussard serves as the Internet Sales Manager for Acadiana Mazda. In a highly competitive online market, Calvin would tell you it is imperative to stay on top of technology if you want to engage more customers. Understanding the mobile customer is one very clear strategy for Acadiana Mazda.

“Our buyers are on smart devices. A few dealerships still run the old way,” comments Calvin, speaking of businesses employing a mobile site or with no alternative to a site designed for desktop viewing. “It’s a real problem. See it one way on a PC, another way on mobile as you’re running about. You lose so much in the translation.”

To address this challenge, Acadiana Mazda implemented a Dominion Responsive Website, based on an adaptive website platform that employs responsive design technology. Not only does the site automatically configure to the device used by the consumer– a technology that has been recommended by Google and Bing – but it saves Acadiana Mazda time, effort, and expense that would otherwise be associated with managing multiple websites.

Built with a patented adaptive editor, the responsive website makes modifying content a quick and easy task for Calvin. “I like the ability to change the homepage display,” Calvin states, noting the flexibility of the website platform. “I have more access to change items myself rather than calling Support. And I like pulling more social media content into the homepage” – a major strategy Acadiana Mazda is using to engage more customers online.

That engagement is marked by metrics coveted by most ISMs. “In the 120 days since launching the site, Total Visitors have increased 51%, and my Returning Visitors show that more of them are staying on the site longer and looking further. They have found the site to be more user-friendly.”

The news gets better when considering how these consumers are connecting with the responsive site. “37% of total page views are from mobile devices, and we have seen an 84% increase in mobile visitors. The site’s ability to be open to customers on the go has opened traffic for mobile users.”

Calvin concludes, “Our Dominion Responsive Website has given my customers a sense of power. Wherever they are, they have accessibility. The increased traffic and new sales prove that our Dominion Website is a win for Acadiana Mazda.”

To read the full case study, please visit our resources page to download here.

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