Mobilegeddon: A Responsive Website Re-Design

Google pushed through one of their biggest algorithm updates that will promote mobile-friendly sites. Some blogs are calling it “Mobilegeddon” because of the drastic effect it could have on your entire web presence.  Our dealer websites have recently tracked as much as 50% traffic from mobile devices, and nearly every mobile view is preceded by a mobile search.  If Google determines your site is not mobile-friendly according to their standard, you are potentially risking half of your website traffic.

Two important criteria to insure your site will continue to rank well after this update are:

1. The site should have a responsive or adaptive design.

2. The site should load quickly and perform well on mobile devices.

 For more information on the factor’s the algorithm is taking into consideration we have provided our readers with an helpful infographic.  Please feel to download and share with your organization.

Because mobile-friendly sites can have a big impact on user experiences and shopping behavior, our team is happy to provide dealers with a free evaluation of their website to determine if it is, in fact, mobile-friendly.

Take a moment to look Dominion Dealer Solutions Mobilegeddon infographic


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