Mobilegeddon: How Does Your Website Measure Up With Google?

Mobilegeddon – an update to Google’s mobile algorithm – has officially made its debut and impacted leading websites in Google’s search engine.  With top websites dropping in the mobile search SERPs due to non-mobile user friendliness, businesses are witnessing significantly more changes in user traffic than prior to April 21, 2015.

The era of Mobilegeddon is just beginning. So, if you haven’t already, you should check to see if your dealership website plays along with Google’s new rules by searching your URL in the Google Mobile Friendliness Tooluser.  If your website is not mobile friendly, Google will tell you why. You can also check your page speed and mobile friendliness by going to Mobile Page Speed Insights. But, here’s the catch: In order for your dealership website to be mobile friendly, Google must give your website a score of 80 or above. It’s probably time to update that website.  There is one more tool Google offers if you want a more well-rounded analysis of every page of your entire website. Just login to Google Web Metrics Tool Area and get an in depth report of why your website is, or is not, mobile friendly.

Let’sDDS insight take a look at one case study performed by BrightEdge.  This group studied over 20,000 URLs and 750 key words.  After mobilegeddon went into action, there was a 21% decrease of non mobile-user friendly sites just on the first 3 SERP pages.  This meant that sites that were high on the list on those pages before April 21 were bumped lower overnight, making it harder for mobile searchers to find them due to compatibility issues.

In order for dealers to address this, dealership websites must transition to responsive design.  For some it may be as simple as clicking a button, but for many it will take more time. Transitioning to responsive design can involve changing the entire infrastructure of a website. Keeping a non-mobile friendly dealership website is simply not an option anymore. It’s not good for site traffic or potential customer loyalty. If mobileggedon has affected your dealership website, and you haven’t yet taken action, Dominion Dealer Solutions can help you.  We have the tools necessary to review your individual dealership website as well as to create both content and designs that are mobile friendly.

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