New Autobase Features Increase User Control & Ease-of-Use

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing

The new Dominion Autobase CRM is steadily upgrading its already easy-to-use interface with suggestions from customers. Additional detail will be provided in upcoming release notes, but here are some highlights.

New Appointment Features: Our latest appointment updates focus on using the Home Screen as a fast, easy way to create and update appointments. We have also added some new icons and fields that enable our automotive dealers to view the status of each client and appointment.


New Arrival and Departure Date Fields: The new Arrival Date, Departure Date and Time fields can be displayed in the Floor Traffic logbook to provide greater visibility into showroom traffic. Tied in with the Autobase appointment process, this indicates customers’ arrivals, whether or not they are currently in the dealership, or if they have already left the dealership.


Libraries and Web Ad Updates: Updates made to the Configuration/Libraries screen for automotive dealership managers make it easier to find Web Ads, Letters or Daily Run items.

New Automatic Adoption and Force Future Call Options: Managers now have more control on what happens when skate alerts occur on House and Service clients and better manage staff call volume.


New Phone Leads Log Feature: The latest updates to the Phone Leads Log enables dealers to utilize all of the functionality available in our Web Leads Log for incoming phone leads. This results in increased productivity and easier tracking for dealership phone leads.

To make sure your dealership is on the latest version of Autobase and using these features to their full potential, please contact your Account Manager or our Support team at 877.337.4444.

For more information about Dominion’s hosted CRM solution call 877.421.1040.