Is Your Dealership Prepared For The New Automotive Shopper?

Do you know the new automotive shopper?

online78% of car buyers shop online.

Takeaway: Not only are automotive shoppers online, but they are accessing your website using multiple devices. Use responsive design to deliver a consistent user experience across all platforms.

rabbitThe majority of Gen Y consumers spend more than 10 hours researching and considering 3 or more brands before they purchase or lease a vehicle

Takeaway: It is extremely important to monitor your reputation online. Facilitate positive customer experiences by addressing customer concerns as soon as they arise (or are posted).

cell phones41% of new vehicle buyers use their smartphone devices for research while in the dealership

Takeaway: Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. Consumers are shopping while waiting in your store!

woman automotive shopperWomen spend an average of 4.5 months researching online and in-person prior to purchasing a vehicle

Takeaway: Again, optimize your website and monitor your reputation to enhance the experience for automotive shoppers. In addition, spend time understanding the female auto shopper. She’s different than you’d think.

slowOver 30% of respondents would leave and buy a product from a competitor if a website is slow

Takeaway: This one’s probably a no- brainer, but make sure you are using a we hosting platform that is up to speed. User-testing can help determine whether customers are satisfied with your dealership’s website performance. 

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