New GM Integrations with Dominion CRM and ILM

By: John Hardacre, Product Manager

Dominion Dealer Solutions has completed new integrations between GM and Dominion’s Autobase and Web Control CRM systems. These integrations are complimentary for Dominion’s CRM customers.

Autobase users can now access GM tools directly from the Autobase client record which previously could only be accessed from the appropriate GM website. The key integration points are:

● GM Customer Search
● GM Pricing Incentives
● GM Credit Card

GM Customer Search:

Auto dealers can search the GM customer database directly from the Autobase client record. Once the customer is located in the GM database, it will display the contact information along with any vehicles they currently own, number of GM vehicles purchased, as well as GM subscriptions they may have (ie., OnStar). The dealer can use the customer information from GM to update the Autobase client record along with drilling down into each owned vehicle to view service performed on that vehicle at their dealership.

GM 1


GM 2

GM Pricing Incentives:

Dealers can view current pricing incentives from GM that are available to the qualifying customer on the specific vehicle(s) they wish to purchase. The dealer can select specific incentives and options and print a report for the customer.

GM 3

GM Credit Card:
GM dealers can access the total earnings for a GM Credit Card customer to inform their client what dollar amount can be applied to the vehicle they are wanting to purchase. They can then print out a .pdf document to give to their customer showing earnings available.

GM 4

Dominion Web Control already has integration with the GM Credit Card. Now, Web Control users also can access the GM Customer Search and GM Pricing Incentives directly from the Web Control Prospect Record.

GM 5

Web Control Pricing Incentives Screen:

GM 6

Web Control Customer Search Screens:

GM 7

GM 8

Dominion Autobase and WebControl customers should contact their Account Managers for more information.

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