November Recap: Dominion’s Top 5 Blogs

By: Charmaine Berina, Events and Social Media Coordinator

In case you missed our November blogs, here’s the Top 5:

Revving up the Dealer’s Profit Engine (Part I)

For all the prominence it receives, a dealer’s showroom is not his greatest profit engine. Certainly more attention and ad drevving-your-engine-blog-1ollars are paid to variable operations (vehicle sales), but a dealer’s fixed operations (service and parts) hold far more potential in yielding a higher overall profit.

Jim Glover Chevrolet Doubles Online Review Generation

Has monitoring your dealership’s online reputation become a full time job? Dominion’s Prime Response Reputation Management allows auto dealers to track, manage and influence critical online conversation. Your dedicated Reputation Specialist works with your dealership to increase your digital presence, in addition to gathering reports on a regular basis to show the change in reviews over time. By using Prime Response, less time is spent monitoring customer reviews, leaving your staff with more time to sell vehicles.

Hidden Gem: Inventory Mobile

hidden-gem-blog-1Are you a current Dominion Inventory Mobile user? If so, you’ll notice our mobile application is packed with many features from Dominion Inventory Manager to help you quickly and easily manage your inventory. Despite this convenience, some users found themselves saying “The Scanner Homepage is driving me crazy!”

Are You Stuck in a New Car Incentive Nightmare?

Are you spending valuable time each month manually sorting through OEM incentives only to update each listing when it expires? Are you navigating through multiple screens to determine vehicle eligibility? Does deciphering rebate combinations make you feel like you’re trying to crack Da Vinci’s Code?

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Server
No shirt, No shoes, No SERVER!  With the launch of Autobase Online the most user- friendly CRM in the automotive industry is now even easier to access.  Say goodbye to the days of managing servers, data backups, and security patches at your auto dealership.  Let Dominion host your CRM data in the Cloud while you focus on doing what you do best – selling and servicing more cars.