OliviaCares™ Gives Complete Dealership Oversight – The industry’s first monitoring system

OliviaCares™ Gives Complete Dealership Oversight – The industry’s first monitoring system


January 24, 2019

Norfolk, Va. – Dominion Dealer Solutions is scaling the customer interaction review process in retail automotive through OliviaCares, a new stand-alone technology that is a manifestation of Olivia, the artificial intelligence that exists in Dominion Vision CRM. OliviaCares can be used in Vision as an integrated add-on or as a stand-alone technology.


OliviaCares is the newest innovation from the technology powerhouse, CRMSuite. This all-knowing machine learning program analyzes an unlimited amount of calls, emails, texts and notes to report back to store leaders on employee and customer interactions.

The number of calls to businesses is expected to hit 162 billion in 2019, according to a Marchex study. “This high volume of inbound calls means more opportunities to listen and find common opportunities with consumer needs,” said Bill Leek, National Sales Director for Dominion Dealer Solutions. “In order to capitalize on these opportunities, retailers need to scale an abundance of data and act on data insights immediately.”

Sales managers are unaware of commonly used phrases or words, whether good or bad, that are being communicated in text or email between customers and sales representatives. OliviaCares provides insight into the details of these conversations. This new functionality replaces the need for a human monitoring service, which listens, reviews and summarizes calls and sends tailored alerts to dealers. OliviaCares enables store leadership to correct missed or mishandled opportunities in real time, before customers have moved on to another dealership.  

“Imagine if you had a 24/7 virtual assistant that monitored every phone call, text, email, and note inside your CRM and could alert you if something was going wrong,” said Leek.  “OliviaCares allows its users to not have to listen to every phone call or read every text and email. The user sets up a criteria of what’s important to them and then the system will alert them when engagement is needed. It’s an industry first.”

Jay Wolfe Automotive out of Kansas City, MO has had impressive results.“We know that if we can extract data insights from all of our customer conversations, we’ll not only be able to save missed or mishandled opportunities, we’ll be able to create new ones as well,” said Craig Misak, director of dealer services for the group. Jay Wolfe has 8 rooftops including Toyota, Honda and Acura franchises, along with some used dealerships.

OliviaCares and Olivia artificial intelligence technology is the sole and exclusive property of CRMSuite Corporation and is sold under license by Dominion Dealer Solutions.

As of today, OliviaCares is available nationwide. To learn more, email dealersuccess@drivedominion.com or call 877-421-1040.


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