Online Video: A Key Focus for Marketers in 2015

Welcome to the age of online video. As technology advances so does the science behind audience targeting. The use of online video is increasing drastically among all consumers but especially among those 18-49 years of age. This holds true for automotive buyers and shoppers in that age range as well. According to Google, US online video spending is expected to reach $7.77 billion this year alone in 2015, which is up from $5.96 billion in 2014.  As an automotive dealer, it’s important that your dealership’s marketing efforts are prepared for this online marketing shift.

Google has also reported that time spent watching videos on YouTube has increased 38.5% from 2013 to 2014. So why does this matter? Online video can not only effectively reach your dealership’s target audience across the United States, but connect with them as well if campaigned correctly. Here we will take a look at three concepts that can help your dealership maintain a relationship with the consumer and drive brand awareness to the next level in the new age of online video.

Device Matters
As the usage of smart phones and tablets increase among consumers, so does viewership of online videos.  Consumers are moving toward a more mobile lifestyle. With 50% of all YouTube views coming from a mobile device, Google reflects this change in the “Mobileggedon” algorithm change launched last month. Not only are general YouTube views higher than ever before, but ad views on a mobile device is nearly 94% higher than on any other device. This means that device matters, and video ads projected on mobile and tablet devices are more likely to be watched than those on a desktop computer. It’s important that dealerships take into account both the device size and page position during dealership online video ad creation. Ideally, automotive shoppers watching a dealership video should see 50% or more of the ad or video’s pixels on the screen. Adding responsive design to a dealership website will help achieve the right specs for optimal viewability for all content across mobile devices. Videos can be embedded directly from a dealership’s YouTube account right into the responsive design website.

Brand Awareness
The use of online videos also increases brand awareness. As seen in the case with Clean & Clear by Johnson and Johnson, viewers can take a look at how a company that was previously failing to connect with its audience, turns a brand image around by reaching out to girls through video pre-roll and YouTube channel ad campaigns. By concentrating on the consumer’s everyday lifestyle and incorporating the campaign slogan “SEE THE REAL ME”, they were not just posting videos and hoping consumers would respond. The videos ended up impacting viewers in a heartfelt, emotional way. Here you can watch a preview of how Clean & Clear reached their target audience through online video.

Dealers can take a lesson from this retail campaign and find ways to connect with their target audiences on a deeper level. Videos like this are useful and relevant to a consumer looking to buy a new car as well as emotionally connect them to the brand.

Track Engagement Metrics
Connecting with any consumer audience via channels such as: YouTube, website, email or Facebook can provide dealers with video tracking metrics. Current video metrics include: the amount of views (both per video and per channel), likes, shares, comments, and watch time/duration. All of these are helpful in providing feedback to the dealer on how car buyers respond to each video produced. But remember, the goal isn’t watching these metrics increase; the goal is to reach a target audience and provide a video that will inspire and motivate them to take action. Whether the goal is to bring car shoppers to your store, get them to return for service, or trade in a vehicle, online videos present the information needed to create or expand customer relationships.

At Dominion Dealer Solutions, we have helped dealerships inexpensively promote web content and online videos. Dominion Dealer Solutions internal research even found that one of our dealership clients received 14,399 impressions and 3,271 full video views while spending under $500 in 3 weeks. That is about $0.15 cost per video view. You can also utilize video by adding it to your website and other social media sites in order to reap the benefits of those visitors. Learn more about these options by contacting your Dominion Dealer specialist today.