Overhaul Your Ecommerce Strategy for the New Generation of Internet Savvy Shoppers


By: Adam Dennis, VP of Product Development, Dominion Dealer Solutions

Today’s customer is internet-savvy, marketing-savvy, and less likely to fall for traditional hard sales tactics.

To keep up with sophisticated, mobile-friendly customers in the online marketing ecosystem, businesses need to develop a marketing strategy that is just as sophisticated. Most customers who visit websites aren’t ready to buy just yet rather, they’re performing product research instead.

In fact, customers do the majority of their research and shopping before they hit the showroom floor:

  • Nearly 80% of customers use the internet to research brands and models, according to JD Power
  • The research firm also found that the average car buyer spends 14 hours researching new cars before making a purchase
  • 68% use the internet to research and choose dealerships
  • A study performed by Placed, Inc. found that 63% of car shoppers perform auto research while at the dealership
  • The same study found that mobile car shoppers were 72% more likely to visit an additional dealership than non-mobile users – and half of those visits resulted from their mobile research
  • Research firm Capgemini found that increasing numbers of consumers would even be interested in buying cars entirely online

As a result, dealers should accommodate research-focused shoppers instead of bombarding them with digital sales pitches. While 4 out of 5 in-market customers may never become a lead, they will visit your website, so your online marketing campaign should maximize every opportunity to nurture those visitors.

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