Q&A: John Galanos of Infiniti of Mobile

By: Tom Edwards, National Sales Manager


The General Manager of Infiniti of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama, talks to us about how DominionACCESS® helps drive their business

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of our veteran DMS customers, John Galanos from Infiniti of Mobile. Having been an ACCESS customer for 20 years with his other franchises, John has recently completed the final piece of the puzzle by installing this solution in his Infiniti dealership. Dominion caught up with John Galanos last week to talk about his experience with ACCESS.

John, having been an ACCESS customer for so many years, what do you think is the biggest advantage to having ALL of your stores up and running on the DMS?

The biggest advantage is integration. Finally, all of our franchises are able to communicate between locations and technologies. Because of that, we are able to streamline our business and get information faster and easier than ever. When we have those days where we get backed up at one location, now that we are fully integrated, we are able to run over to another location and log into the system to see the information we need.

Integration is key and reduces the number of steps required to complete crucial processes. What other ACCESS features would you say are instrumental to the success of your dealership?

Specifically  with regards to integration, the centralized accounting feature is essential. Now that all of our locations are up on one system, we have become more efficient as we have one policy, process and system, allowing us to coordinate and get closings standardized and completed faster.

In addition to centralized accounting, I would have to say that service history and parts inventory are my other two favorite features. Exceptional customer service in our service and parts departments is key in customer loyalty and those features help ensure that we are covering the details needed to provide the experience our customers expect.

Speaking of customer service, what has been your experience with Dominion?

Great! Honestly, we were familiar with Dominion prior to installing it in our Infiniti dealership as we have utilized the system for about 20 years in our other locations. Dominion offered easy training to get us up and running.  They made sure we were aware of the monthly system enhancements and updates that we can take advantage of in addition to communicating out utilization best practices through the monthly ACCESS e-newsletter.

Monthly enhancements and updates? Tell me more about that.

Yes, as an ACCESS customer , we are provided with monthly upgrades and enhancements to ensure that our dealership is utilizing the latest technology to streamline our business. One of the enhancements we took advantage of recently was remote desktop. This, in conjunction with all of our locations utilizing the system, has really made the difference in accessing data anytime, anywhere.

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