Has your dealership’s website met Panda 4.1?

Meet the New Panda (4.1).Panda 4.1

Google is reinforcing their message that excellent content is king with their recent update to their Panda algorithm.  The Panda 4.1 update has affected around 3-5% of search queries, and according to Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, the update rewards high quality small to medium sized sites with better rankings. In this algorithm refresh, they focused on sites that do not offer a rich or engaging customer experience, that contain a lot of duplicate content, and that seem to operate as pass-through sites to other websites. Google’s latest update, Panda 4.1, has already caused search results to change.

Dominion’s Responsive Websites continue to perform well event after this update. Here’s why.

Dominion’s Responsive Websites are designed for:

Excellent User Experience.
If the user can’t easily find what they’re looking for, your website isn’t designed properly. We design your websites so that the user can find what they want: information about vehicles and financing, photos, reviews, and video. Period.

Proven Design Standards.
You are a car and business expert. It’s what you do. We do responsive websites. Well. We specialize in user-experience web design and site engineering. We have experts with years of design experience on board to do this for you. Let Dominion’s team design a site based on current design trends — and Panda-approved content layouts.

Content Optimization.
Every business is in the business of content performance marketing. As car dealers, you must provide excellent, rich content on every vehicle in order to satisfy your customers online — and to remain at the top of the search listings. Dominion’s Responsive Website team has studied the Panda guidelines and can help you deliver quality, relevant content on every page.

We are Experts!
Panda 4.1 has resulted in a better user experience. Your website is the hub of your dealership’s expanded web presence. Your entire digital world-social media, reviews, and ratings, video and email marketing, eNewsletter, SEM/PPC advertising, and more-leads consumers to your website. Dominion Responsive Websites already meet Panda’s expectations. No need to scurry around and fix something that isn’t broken. Our customers are ahead of the game!It’s the first impression these consumers have of your dealership. We will help you make it count!


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