Responsive Websites are Vital for Today’s Automotive Dealer

Dealer Marketing Magazine’s May 2014 issue included the cover article, “Your Website Is (Still) the Backbone of Your Dealership”. Two of Dominion Dealer Solutions’ employees took part in this article. Fred Rose, Manager of Social Media Services, recapped his comments on the importance of social media on dealers’ websites on Tuesday’s blog. Today, we will focus on Jessica Ruth’s website commentary around the topic of Responsive Web Design for dealership websites. Jessica is the Websites Sales Engineer for Dominion Dealer Solutions, as well as an active voice in the automotive community on DealerRefresh.

Dealer Marketing Magazine: How can dealers make their websites more mobile ready?

Responsive websites built by a trusted and experienced vendor, ensure that dealerships are ready for any device mobile or otherwise. A few years ago, responsive web design was a buzzword being thrown around, causing website providers to race to build a platform to support responsive sites… Through the amount of website vendors providing responsive sites has grown over the last couple of years, the functionality, speed, and general performance offered is still very inconsistent. The question is no longer how to be mobile ready, but how to be multi-device ready. Dealerships should be considering the way websites look on smartphones, laptops, TVs and tablets of all sizes. The device size drastically alters which components of a dealer’s website are most important to the consumer. Mobile devices should have driving directions, maps, and phone numbers prominently displayed and quick to access for those shoppers who are trying to find a dealership while in their cars.

Dealer Marketing Magazine: Once browsers are on a dealership website, what can dealers do to make sure they turn into a lead?

The first rule of thumb is to make it easy. Simplify, simplify, simplify. By the time consumers are on a dealership’s website, they in the engagement metrics: Bounce rate decreases, on-site engagement increases, and conversion rate bumps up. Remove the roadblocks and give the people what they want…

Dealer Marketing Magazine: What is the biggest mistake dealers make with their websites?

The biggest website mistake a dealer can make would have to be throwing anything and everything on a website with the hopes that something, anything, will force the consumer to submit a lead. Less is truly more when directing a consumer to a CTA, especially on VDPs.

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