The Retirement of The Traditional Billboard

By: Fred Rose

Consider this scenario:

You’re driving down the highway on the way to the dealership. Every 50 to 100 feet you notice a glimpse of a rectangular structure in the air alongside the road. A few years back, billboards were a great method to reach potential customers who might eventually become customers of your business.

However, how effective are billboards today? The digital world we live in today has many distractions which compete for consumers attention. With regards to social media, consumers are faced with dozens of brand posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. It may not take long for your brand’s great content to be buried in a news feed. One method for your brand to break through the clutter is social advertising.

Over the past couple years, a tremendous opportunity has arisen for innovative marketing. Dealerships can create special offers for sales and service, and reach a targeted, local group of potential customers. Unlike billboards and other forms of traditional advertising (TV and radio) digital advertising allows for real time results. Within a few days of running an advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can measure the effectiveness. Click-through rates, impressions, and fan page likes are just a few key metrics that can be measured and evaluated.

While billboards may have been the preferred method for advertising in the past, the future is going to trend towards reaching the social consumer, through digital advertising.

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