You Can’t Hide From Your Online Reviews

You Can’t Hide From Your Online Reviews

By: Mat Lee, Junior Product Manager

Google has given auto dealerships an even stronger reason to generate more positive online reviews. They have updated their Knowledge Panel considerably, making it more difficult for dealerships to hide from online consumer reviews.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google’s Knowledge Panel, it is the box-like area that often appears to the right of search results. As you may know, these Knowledge Panels work to show a more detailed description about your dealership and take up a significant percentage of the screen. Until recently, Google only displayed Google reviews in their Knowledge Panel, however, that has since changed.

Recently, Google began pulling “Reviews From The Web” into the Knowledge Panel; in addition to the Google Reviews that have always been there. cant-hide-from-online-reviewsSo, what does this mean for your dealership? In addition to highlighting Google Reviews, Google now shows reviews from other third-party review sites like, DealerRater, or even Yelp in the Knowledge Panel. This is certainly changing the landscape of online reviews.

Automotive dealers often wonder if online reviews really matter when considering a consumer’s shopping behavior. Unfortunately, this can lead to dealers focusing elsewhere instead of investing in their online reputations.

Research shows, that over 90% of consumers read online reviews during the awareness and discovery stage of the sales funnel.

It’s important to understand that online reviews really do matter for a business working to gain a shopper’s trust. A recent BrightLocal survey showed that over 90% of consumers read online reviews during the awareness and discovery stage of the sales funnel, and 40% of those customers form an opinion about an automotive dealership by reading 1 – 3 reviews. If that many shoppers are reading online reviews before they select a dealership for purchase or service, it becomes critically important for your dealership to have a solid strategy in place for gaining more online reviews from your customers.

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Dealerships can no longer hide from their reviews because Google is putting them front and center every time a prospect or automotive shopper is searching for a dealership. Prepare yourself for this change by partnering with Dominion’s Prime Response and building the shopper trust you need, through stronger online reviews.

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