SEO Tip of the Month: Google Alerts

By: Brooke Reese, Deployment Specialist

Want to hear the word on the streets about your automotive dealership’s name or products? Want to know what people are searching for in your local market area? There’s a tool for that! Google Alerts is a free & easy tool that allows individuals to track any mention of their name, products & dealership’s services. It can even provide auto dealers with a peek at their competitors. Gaining insight on this type of information allows a dealer to see more blogs/social media posts about his or her auto dealership, as well as which platforms it’s being mentioned on (Craigslist, Dealers can also check there for reviews from recent customers.

Setting up Google Alerts is simple:

1. Go to
2. Sign with a G-mail or email that the alerts should go to
3. Enter the search terms to track ex: the company name, URL, or company products
4. Choose the search locations, like blogs, video, discussion forums, books, etc
5. Choose how often & how many alerts should be received

Any questions? Feel free to contact your personal search specialist today! If you don’t have a search specialist and would like to see how SEO/SEM could benefit your dealership, call 877.421.1040.


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