SEO Tip of the Month

By: Brooke Reese, Deployment Specialist

Do you think of your automotive dealership as a social media business? Studies have shown how imperative it is for dealerships to be active on social media. It is one of the top ways to reach potential car buyers. Social media has the ability to make your dealership more visible online, but just like other marketing techniques, it needs to be strategically planned to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Social media has the ability to make your dealership more visible online

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One tip to help maximize the connections your dealership makes with target audiences online is to consider how frequently you are posting on your social media sites. There is no set magical number; however, here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Are we posting enough to make a connection with our audience?
2. Will posting more increase the connection or drive them away?
3. Have we measured if there are any trends in our likes, re-tweets, shares?

The main takeaway: Always be on top of your auto dealership’s social media presence and find ways to improve connections.

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