Simon Chevrolet See’s 40% Increase in Leads with Dominion Dealer Specialties

The Challenge

Simon Chevrolet found themselves facing a chaotic, disorganized and confusing inventory. Information was never in one place and the need for an easier process that would allow the dealership to be more efficient was ever growing. After researching other potential inventory management providers, Simon Chevrolet turned to Dominion Dealer Specialties.

The Solution

With Dominion Dealer Specialties, Simon Chevrolet was able to implement vehicle photos and descriptions almost immediately. A professional photographer visited the dealership and took photos of both the new and used inventory to add to the dealership website. Then, with the use of Dominion’s Photo Clippings Services, the vehicle images were trimmed and placed on a uniform background. This allowed Simon Chevrolet’s website to give a great first impression to their customers.

Simon Chevrolet also incorporated Dominion StoryBuilder to automatically create online vehicle descriptions for their vehicles. StoryBuilder blended details specific to Simon Chevrolet’s vehicles into compelling vehicle stories to engage customers and drive online visitors to take action.

The ResultsSimon Chevy Results

Since implementing Dominion Dealer Specialties Inventory Management, Simon Chevrolet has seen a 40% increase in leads and a 20% increase in sold units. Simon Chevrolet also has seen a 30% increase in year-over-year sales. “With the help of Dominion Dealer Specialties, we have been able to expand and generate more online business” states Jen Pierel, Customer Support Specialist at Simon Chevrolet.

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