How To Solve Your Biggest Inventory Challenges

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager

Summer is officially in full swing. The last thing that you, as an automotive Dealer, want to worry about is your dealership’s inventory. Does your new or used car dealership have the right vehicles in stock for today’s car buyers? Is each vehicle on the lot priced correctly for the big summer sales event? Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Inventory Manager has solutions for all of your inventory management pain points. Here are just a few to consider:

Sourcing – Whether your auto dealership needs insight to acquire the right vehicles at the right price, or simply needs a way to easily build an inventory list for more efficient auctions, vehicle sourcing doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Partner with a sourcing solution that allows automotive dealers to set rules that create a purchase list effortlessly. Ideally, that sourcing solution should automate with big players like Manheim and ADESA. Integrations are key, and if your dealership’s inventory sourcing software integrates with an automotive equity tool, you can quickly identify potential vehicles from current in-equity customers.

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Pricing – Feeling confident about the auto dealership’s vehicle pricing strategy can make or break your sales reps’ confidence in selling a vehicle. Always list a price on every piece of available new or used car inventory (especially on your dealership’s website). Don’t spend too much time determining that perfect price. Calculate it by comparing similar vehicles and competitively price your new or used vehicle inventory with book values and market comparisons.

Inventory Age – Real estate on the lot can be a big challenge for many automotive dealerships. Partnering with an inventory management solution that seamlessly integrates with all other aspects of a dealership’s inventory processes can significantly improve vehicle turn rate.

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