Sutherland Chevrolet Charts Path to Success with Prime Response

Success Story: How Sutherland Chevrolet Achieved a 5 Star Rating

By: Amanda Krause, Marketing Lead Specialist

Looking to increase your online customer reviews? Dominion’s Prime Response Reputation and Social Media Management solution can help drive online reviews, build trust between you and your customers and ultimately drive sales.

Sutherland Chevrolet of Nicholasville, Kentucky began using Dominion’s Prime Response after General Motors emphasized the need for a reputation management product during their “Standards For Excellence” (SFE) program. Prior to signing up with Dominion, Sutherland Chevrolet had no effective way of capturing positive reviews. This inefficiency led to a gray area, in which the sales team had no knowledge of unhappy customers unless spoken to directly. Dan Tolson, the eCommerce Director began looking for a change.

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Soon after implementing Dominion’s Prime Response, Sutherland Chevrolet saw their 4.3 star rating increase to a 5 star rating with an average of 11 new reviews each month. Tolson no longer has to worry about negative reviews as Prime Response allows for his team to catch an unhappy customer before the opportunity to leave a negative review arises.

My reviews are driving my SEO. They’re getting people to take that next step and convert.Dan Tolson, Sutherland Chevrolet

Dominion’s Prime Response is a GM-certified, award-winning reputation and social media management platform. It is used nationwide by dealers looking to increase their online reviews and engage with online car shoppers. With the help of a dedicated Reputation Specialist, your dealership can create unique ways for the community to provide honest feedback.

“I like the product. I like our sales representative. Set-up was easy, and I love the dedicated support I get with my Reputation Specialist. I just don’t see competitors offering what Dominion has already delivered for me,” explains Tolson.

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