The Art of Inventory Story Telling


Every human being, animal, object, and element has a story to tell. Whether you are getting to know someone or something for the first time or just curious about a situation, usually your immediate reaction is to ask questions. When a consumer is looking for a new car to purchase, this same concept arises. He or she might wonder “what is the story behind this car”? As a dealer it is your responsibility to tell them that story.

Story telling is an art. As such, it’s necessary to take the time to perfect the story behind each vehicle in your dealership. It is your job to not only tell consumers the car’s best features, but any accidents or recalls as well. Be transparent. Why should a consumer buy this specific vehicle? Which demographic of consumers are you targeting your vehicles towards? Is this a used vehicle with only one prior owner? Would this vehicle be a great car for a first time driver? Your target audience is going to vary among your vehicles, so think about for whom you are writing these inventory stories.

To help with inventory storytelling, Dominion Dealer Solutions has provided a tool in our Inventory Management system. The system creates compelling vehicle descriptions and an automatic vehicle commenting tool so that you as a dealer do not have to write a vehicle story page yourself. In fact, Olathe Kia Mutsubishi said, “Dominion StoryBuilder takes so much time off my hands. We sold 15 cars in two days. I don’t have time to sit down and write an ad for everyone. Dominion StoryBuilder is a lifesaver – I love it”. Through this tool you can also prioritize which pieces of information best suite the car and will be of best value for your dealership.

Don’t miss out on creating valuable inventory stories for your dealership. With the right stories, you can generate more sales and create a bond from the consumer to the automobile. For more information regarding Dominion StoryBuilder click here or call 877-421-1040. You won’t be disappointed.

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