Two Mississippi: What Happens Online Every Two Seconds

By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing


The world travels at the speed of life. And our world online seems to only move faster and faster. Check out these amazing stats* of just how much happens online in the time it takes to say “Two Mississippi…”

  • 88,667 searches are made on Google
  • 14,433 tweets are posted to Twitter
  • 9,767 statuses are updated on Facebook
  • 2,233 photos are uploaded to Instagram
  • 833 items are purchased on Amazon
  • 500 songs are downloaded from iTunes
  • 113 pins are added to Pinterest

Here’s another stat for you: Did you know that it takes only two seconds for a content-rich, mobile-friendly page to load on Dominion’s Responsive Websites? And that’s 50% faster than when we received the distinction of “Fastest Loading Websites” in the automotive industry.**

Here’s why load times deserve your attention: 40% of online visitors abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. To add insult to injury, nearly half of those dissatisfied visitors will tell their friends about the poor online experience on your website.***

Websites-DDS-ResponsiveLet’s play this into real life: Consider a dealer website that gets 10,000 visitors each day. It can be a great website – offering tremendous value, delivering the sizzle that your online shoppers love – but if it takes more than three seconds to load, as many as 4,000 visitors may say, “No thanks,” and bounce. But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s assume we invest $5,000 per month in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If 40% of that paid traffic walks, we have essentially wasted $2,000 of our precious advertising dollars.

“Did you know that it takes only two seconds for a content-rich, mobile-friendly page to load on Dominion’s Responsive Websites?”

The math is fairly compelling.  In fact, it becomes clear that the most immediate way to begin increasing lead volume is not to spend more money on advertising, but to invest in a website platform that performs the way your customers need it to – especially on mobile devices.

If your load times are anything less than stellar, give us a call at 1.877.421.1040. We help automotive dealers to perfect their online strategies, driving a better shopping experience for your online visitors. A better shopping experience on your website results in more leads, appointments, and sales. If your website needs some help, we’d love to assist.

Dialing the phone, by the way, will only take you two seconds.

*Qmee, 2014. “60 Seconds a Year Later”
**PCG Consulting Group
***Kissmetrics, “How Loading Time Effects Your Bottom Line”

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