How to Prepare Your Website for User Testing

User TestingUser testing is evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users. User testing can be a great way to determine whether customers believe your website and applications are useful. Use feedback to fine-tune your landing page and features so that you are able to improve user performance and satisfaction.

There are a variety of different resources out there that help you test the usability of your website. For example, the website User Testing helps you gather videos of real people sharing their thoughts on your website or mobile app. You are able to specify the tasks you would like users to perform and receive results in 1 hour.

So how many testers are enough? Adam Dennis has previously tackled this in a blog post. He explains that three users usually cover about 75% of the problems while 5 will increase that yield to 85%.

How do I know if my website is test-ready?

Before you even put your website up to trial, it is important to understand that the user is expecting to access your website from multiple devices. Responsive websites help you deliver a consistent experience by automatically reconfiguring content based on screen-size. Did you know that Google and Bing penalize sites that present poorly on mobile platforms?

In addition, ensure that your website delivers loading times of 5 seconds or less. Customers should be able to obtain information in just 1 or 2 clicks. Other key considerations include:

  • Big, mobile-friendly buttons
  • Site map
  • Limited scrolling
  • Quick access to contact information
  • Links to dealership’s social media profiles
  • Search bar that is easy to find and use
  • Lead capture forms/ opt-in boxes
  • Credible content
  • Updated inventory and vehicle descriptions
  • Effective chat features
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Engaging “About Us” page

With 78% of car buyers shopping online, it is important to perform user testing so that the shopper is receiving all the information he/she needs. Choosing your dealership should be a no-brainer!

How have you used user-testing within your dealership?

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