Using Pre-existing Customers to Promote a Brand

customersReputation Management is a key component to dealership success and can be started by using pre-existing customers’ own experiences to promote a dealers brand.

With today’s accessibility of technology, customers are more likely than ever to comment on a brand via social media or third party review sites such as: Yelp, DealerRater, and Edmunds. It’s important that dealers take advantage of these resources and put in place a streamlined Social Media and Reputation Management strategy.

Nowadays, lead generation starts online. How is your dealership going to set itself apart? What is going to make an automotive customer choose one dealership over another within the same local market? The answer lies in the hands of previous customers. Promoting positive reviews and quickly, consistently, addressing negative reviews will make the difference.  The key is figuring out how to best leverage reviews to market your dealership.

A dealership must promote its positive reviews through as many channels as possible. A dealer can publish reviews to social media, their own dealer websites, third party review sites and print ads. These reviews give validity to a brand.  They root a dealership in the market and give customers peace of mind. In addition, an automotive professional must reach out to customers who have had a negative experience. Contact them personally, take the conversation offline, and figure out how to best  resolve the issue. One negative review can have a large impact on a dealership’s success.

How has your dealership been able to promote the customer experience?

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