Watch : How Important is Dealership Culture?

Watch : How Important is Dealership Culture?

Jeremy and Shane of Montrose Mazda of Kent recently sat down with Dominion and shared how implementing  Dominion Vision CRM not only has increased their car sales but has also increased their job enjoyment, productivity and a greater sense of workplace security.

Shane Doak, the Sales Manager at Montrose Mazda said his days before the implementation of Vision were monotonous. There was no personal zest to pursue and connect with opportune customers, or even processes in place to do so. That all changed when Jeremy Eisenberg, President of Operations stepped into the dealership, implemented Vision and created confidence throughout the sales team.

Activating a tool that would create proven processes and ultimately generate enthusiasm for their jobs would be the key to unlocking the sales teams potential. “It’s gotta be fun and easy to work with, and the system makes it easy for them,” claimed Jeremy.

Shane echoed his cultural buy-in to the system and proves just that stating,

“I like to think I put my heart and soul into this place as much as I can and it’s nice to get payback out of it.  I feel very stable here. I’m not concerned about hours, I’m not concerned about pay anymore and most of all I have fun doing what I do, I love it here.”

Watch the video below to see how Vision boosted culture, confidence, and sales in this exclusive video interview:


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