Auto Dealership CRM + Data Mining

Autobase Plus the Power of Dominion’s Equity Mining Solution

More Leads from Your Data

Capitalize on seamless integration.

Data Mining - Autobase
Autobase Online integrates with Dominion’s award-winning DealActivator equity mining software, granting your employees access to a vehicle’s equity information directly from the CRM.

DealActivator provides drip leads on a daily basis to show service conquest or existing sold customers in positive equity positions. The leads include new vehicles on your lot that customers can purchase for the same or lower monthly payment.

An equity Priority Page is also located within Autobase, and serves up the most relevant customers to your team on a daily basis.

Updates made in either Autobase or DealActivator, will appear in both systems so that you always have the right information, no matter which software you are using.

Features Include:

  • Original deal information, replacement vehicles and fuel cost comparison between current and new vehicles
  • Estimated book and replacement values
  • Current payment, payoff, and last payment date
  • Automatic and intelligent quick calculations for the best offer

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