Dealer CRM Dashboards & Reporting

Link all Departments Through Your CRM to Increase Sales and Efficiency.

Working Towards a Common Goal

View every departments’ performance all in one place.

It’s important to understand what is taking place across your dealership. Your Sales, Internet, Marketing and BDC departments are all working toward a common goal of generating leads, but without visibility, it’s difficult to see how they can most efficiently accomplish this.

City Automall

“I’ve been using Autobase for 6 years. It is by far the easiest CRM out there. They are constantly making improvements and updates to keep the system fresh. I highly recommend Autobase to any dealership.”

Ben Reynolds, Sales Manager, City Automall

Visibility inside Dominion Autobase CRM gives your dealership a leading edge by linking these departments together. You will be able to anticipate future sales, tend to customer issues, and analyze performance throughout your dealership in real-time.

Total Track is an enterprise-grade call recording and quality management system, specifically designed for automotive dealers, that will help you better manage your phone traffic. Total Track will connect directly into your existing phone system, record all incoming and outgoing calls, and display those calls in the dealership CRM. Your management team can listen to those calls as well as verify that calls are being made, whether in Autobase or within the Total Track web portal.

Features Include:
Dashboard Reporting - Autobase

  • Customizable Dashboards and Daily Planner
  • Real-time Logbooks for all leads
  • Total Track lead tracking and reporting
  • Dealership wide Activity logbook
  • Enterprise-level reporting