Managed Services

Email Campaigns & Long Term Results

Targeted Marketing

Engaged customers. Increased sales.

Allow DealActivator’s Managed Marketing Services to expand your customer communications. Our experienced marketing specialists create effective email and marketing pieces. Calls to action circulate from multiple channels and result in increased appointments and sales.

With our automotive managed services you will have access to a dedicated DealActivator expert to help you create and send targeted communications. Our DealActivator team specializes in equity marketing and will provide full-service facilitation with monthly consulting and ROI reporting.

Dedicated marketing experts increase your gross by turning your customer data into successful marketing campaigns. These experts create strategies and coach you through the campaign. Their main focus is creating long term results for your dealership.

eAppend Service

You may be losing 30% of your customer emails annually.

We leverage proprietary Email Append technologies to deliver the highest and most accurate email address match rates possible. Our email data set contains more than 750 million records. All email addresses in our database are unique, permission-based, and CAN-SPAM compliant. The matches we provide are based on name and address at the individual (full name and address) or household match level (last name and address).

A worthwhile investment:

  • Append fresh emails to contacts in your database without email addresses
  • Average 24% append rate
  • Append rates are as high as 40%
  • Expand your database touch points