Equity & Car Sales Training

Boost ROI Potential With Expert Advice

In-Dealership Performance Booster

Drive results with help from a coach.

Dominion’s Performance Booster equity and car sales training program gives dealers the strength from strategy, the confidence from coaching, and the power of a plan for equity mining success. Receive consistent on-site performance coaching to ensure you are getting the most of out of your equity mining efforts. Highly qualified Equity Experts have one primary goal – to ensure you achieve measurable, long-term success with DealActivator.
Equity & Car Sales Training
Your Dedicated Coach Will:

  • Monitor key success metrics and find ways to boost performance
  • Recommend strategies and campaigns for greater results
  • Conduct bi-monthly performance reviews on-site
  • Maximize staff engagement with on-site group or individual training

In addition to Dominion’s standard Performance Booster option, coaches can also lend their expertise to dealers when they are first setting up DealActivator, or if their staff needs a refresher or needs to get new employees up to speed.

Kick-Off Performance Booster
Supplement the the standard remote deployment with a single customized on-site launch of DealActivator.

Your Dedicated Coach Will:

  • Assess your needs in Sales, Service, and Inventory Management
  • Develop a unique and detailed training plan
  • Deliver strategic, customized process coaching

On Average, dealers can generate as high as 13% of monthly sales directly from DealActivator.

Relaunch Performance Booster
Tackle the negative impacts from turnover head-on. Engage staff and deliver results with this one-time relaunch.

Your Dedicated Equity Training Coach Will:

  • Review current results and individual objectives
  • Identify gaps in your current equity mining strategy
  • Recommend any necessary strategy changes
  • Conduct individualized training