Car Dealer Data Mining

Get More Information on More Prospects with Soft Credit Pulls

Multiply Your Equity Opportunities

Conquest directly from your service drive.

Equity mining is a reliable way to drive retention business, but what about the thousands of Service customers who’ve never bought from your dealership?

With DealActivator’s car dealer data mining solution, Soft Credit Pulls, you can now conquest business right from your service drive. Pre-screen your Service customer’s credit in real-time. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t affect the customer’s credit score in any way. It’s private, secure, and 100% compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Transform Your Service Lane

Turn tune-ups into trade-ins.

DealActivator will transform your service lane into an ROI machine. This equity lead generation tool will help determine which service customers can drive off in a newer vehicle today.

Using powerful calculations, DealActivator leverages your service lane by uncovering the best equity customers from your constantly growing pool of service lane customers.

Car Dealer Data Mining for the Service Drive

Monitor and manage your service lane:

  • Identify customers who can upgrade their vehicle
  • Identify conquest customers for Soft Credit Pulls and equity upgrades
  • Create sales openings by viewing key service information (Warranty Expiration Date, RO Totals, Mileage, etc.)