Automotive Equity Mining Software Integrations

Speed Up Follow-ups and Sales with Smart Integrations

DealActivator allows you to increase the speed at which you can follow up with key equity prospects by integrating with Dominion’s intuitive, cloud-based CRM Autobase or any other web-based CRM.

DealActivator + Autobase

Discover more equity leads without leaving your CRM.

NEW! Work equity opportunities directly from Autobase with the new DealActivator integration.
DealActivator CRM Plug-in

  • Process equity leads as easily as any other lead in your CRM
  • Leads are shown in priority order, with those most likely to close at the top of the list
  • Autobase will automatically receive drip leads from service conquest customers, campaigns from DealActivator can also be imported

DealActivator + Your CRM

Your CRM just got smarter.

DealActivator CRM Plug-in

View equity data directly in your CRM with the new DealActivator CRM Plug-In!

  • Works with any web-based CRM while using Google Chrome
  • Easily pull vehicle and customer information for qualified equity leads
  • Utilize DealActivator widgets for an instant overview of daily equity opportunities