Understanding the Customers in Your CRM

Get the full story on your current and potential customers.

Access Customer Purchase History

View all past sales for a customer.

Web Control Sales Tab
Your sales team needs to see the sales history of a prospect. This will allow them to better understand the purchasing habits of the customer, as well as the value that customer holds with your dealership. In the past, Dominion Web Control CRM only displayed the most recent sale in the prospect record, but now, users can see all past sales for the customer. Employees can even open the sold record, and see the details of the sale.

See Customer Service History

Are they ready for an upgrade?

Coming later in 2017, you will be able to see the Service History of your customer in WebControl dealer CRM. This allows the sales team to see if the customer has needed to bring an older vehicle into the service bay several times, or for a large service. Maybe, it’s time to get that customer into a new vehicle.

Pull Customer Credit Scores

Set them up with a vehicle they can afford.

Web Control Credit Pull
Would you like to be able to pull credit for your customer to know what price range they can really afford? If you are already a 700-Credit customer, you can now perform a Quick Screen of your customer using as little as a name and address.