Lead Management CRM Partnerships & Integrations

Expedite the Sales Process with Key Integrations

Credit, DMS, and OEM Integrations

Product fluidity to enhance your success.

WebControl + CallDrip = More Sales

The integration between these two solutions is seamless. Leads are simultaneously updated in both, enabling you to work the lead from call to sale with accurate real-time information. Most powerful Call Routing and CRM Integration on the market.

700 Credit

This integration will allow a dealer to push all necessary information to 700 Credit with the click of a button. They will then receive a full credit bureau on a potential customer with the CRM screens.

Web Control Integrations

DMS Integration

Dominion Web Control CRM can upload deal information directly to Dominion ACCESS, CDK, and DealerTrack DMS, saving the F&I manager time and reducing the customer wait time. Customer information is uploaded to the DMS from Web Control through the DMS certified integration. This integration links the two systems together, creating an easier synchronization of customer and deal information between the two software systems. Further, Inventory, and Booked Deals can be pulled back from the DMS into Web Control from many different DMS vendors. Ask your Dominion representative concerning which DMS data can be pulled into Web Control.

OEM Integration

Dominion Web Control is certified by 27 OEMs. In addition to the standard certification, Dominion Web Control pursues deep integration with OEMs as needed by our dealers. For example, we have completed the following integrations with GM in order to qualify as a GM Premier Partner:

  • DCDE Customer Search
  • Incentives Offer Management (IOM)
  • VPS – GM Credit Card

Additionally, the new Premium Status allows dealers using Dominion’s Web Control to apply Turnkey iMR funds for co-op.