Web Control Enhanced Inventory

Capture a customer’s inventory needs & wants

Attach Multiple Vehicles of Interest

Track all of the vehicles that pique a customer’s interest.

Dealers need a way to quickly see their inventory and attach more than one vehicle of interest to a customer. Many times a customer is not searching for a specific vehicle in the beginning of the buying process. Multiple VOI is a part of the Dominion Web Control Enhanced Inventory package. It allows the salesperson to enter up to 3 vehicles the customer is interested in purchasing.

With the Multiple VOI functionality in your dealer CRM:
Web Control Attach Vehicles

  • Your inventory will display with the actual images that are in your inventory feed.
  • Search capabilities include everything from stock number to mileage and pricing.
  • You can create a prospect record after you have identified the specific vehicle of interest for a given shopper.
  • You can select from up to three vehicles in one prospect record.

Send Vehicle Brochures

Interactive landing pages highlight vehicle features.

Web Control Vehicle Brochure
Dealership salespeople need to send vehicle information to customers from within the dealership CRM. Most don’t have time to cut and paste information into a separate email.

Brochures are part of the Enhanced Inventory package. The Dominion Web Control “Brochures” product is an email with a link to an interactive landing page containing all of the details, including images of the vehicle. Similar vehicles and a payment calendar can also be sent via email. Using this link, the customer can calculate a payment, or click on the similar vehicles to see if one is a better fit.

Features of the “Brochures” product include:

  • Interactive email
  • Monthly payment calculator
  • Editable images
  • List of options, specs, convenience, and safety features
  • Links to similar vehicles

Create a Want List

Flag the vehicles your customers want, even if they aren’t in stock.

The new Enhanced Inventory functionality includes our “Want List” functionality. This allows the dealer to save a vehicle that is not currently in stock to a customer record. When that vehicle is added to the inventory feed, or when a different shopper has a trade that matches a vehicle on a prospect’s Want List, the vehicle will appear in the prospect listings page as a “Match” in the CRM.

Some features of the “Want List” functionality include:

  • Enter as many “Want List” items as needed for each prospect.
  • Define vehicles for a “Want List” by price range if need be.
  • If a match is made between new inventory and one of your prospects, a “Want List Match” icon will appear on the prospect listing page.
  • View the “Want List Match Report” to see all matches at a glance.