Automotive Lead Management Sales Processes

Automate the sales process to increase efficiency and boost sales.

Dealers want to ensure that their sales teams stay in touch with their shoppers and prospects. However, sales people tend to focus on the customer in the showroom — not the one they need to call. Dealers need to have confidence that their salespeople will follow through with proper customer communication. An effective dealership CRM makes all the difference.

Automatically Assign and Schedule Processes

Customize them for the specific lead type.

Sales Processes
Automated Sales Processes inside Dominion Web Control CRM allow dealership sales managers to automatically assign and schedule processes that will appear in the organizer of a sales rep. These processes can contain up to 25 steps and can be customized to specific types of leads. For example, an internet lead may have a very different Automated Sales Process than a walk-in customer.

  • Sales Process can be scheduled based on several criteria (type of lead, source of lead, specific makes, or even a specific status).
  • Sales Processes can be initiated within minutes of a lead coming in through the door, the phone, or the email inbox. Managers do not need to wait until the next day to start the sales process.
  • If the status of the prospect changes, it is easy to stop the process and revert to the original status.