Text Prospects From Your Lead Management CRM

More and more prospects prefer texting.

Provide a Better Experience & Save Time

Send messages directly from within the prospect’s record.

Prospects have different communication preferences. Some prefer a phone call, others an email, but more and more prefer SMS text. By adding a new communication channel, Dominion Web Control CRM users provide a better experience for their customers.
Web Control Prospect Texting
When utilizing text messaging from within the prospect’s record, it’s easy to chat and keep a transcript of the communications in the dealership CRM. Of course, we keep you legally compliant with texting laws and regulations.

Features of our Text Messaging options include:

  • Compliancy is easy with our opt-in process
  • Ready-made templates with merge fields for text messages
  • Texting history stays within the prospect record for reference
  • Text from within WebControl – no need to use phone and the product