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The wait is over! The DMS you expected is here.

The automotive industry is now catching up to other progressive industries thanks to Dominion VUE. Other industries have been able to deliver modern technology and processes that enhance the shopping experience; however, the majority of dealer management systems on the market today were developed before we lived in a society which leverages technology.

In order to succeed in today’s competitive automotive space, your dealership must posses a system that your employees and customers feel is up to today’s technology standards. Don’t risk your future on a dealer management software solution that was built 40 years ago. It is holding you back in more ways than you imagine. It’s time to transform your dealership from the inside out with Dominion VUE.


Made for the Cloud

Dominion VUE was strategically built to be in the cloud, providing you all of the inherent advantages of true cloud computing. We utilized modern tools and built VUE with our modern users in mind. Our development team does not simply place your old, in-house server into a farm. We provide you with a true cloud-based experience that provides all the benefits of cloud computing: reduced cost, usable on most browsers, and accessible everywhere.

Fixed Operations

If you’re interested in streamlining your software vendors, Dominion VUE comes out of the box loaded with the complete Fixed Operations suite a dealership needs in a DMS. These tools are all built into the core of VUE, resulting in a high-performance Fixed Ops experience. Service Techs and Advisors will have easy access to all the data and tools they need to increase profit while increasing customer satisfaction. Our intuitive, mobile software will allow them to quickly perform any tasks at their desks or on the go, on a single device.

Whatever your needs, Dominion VUE will transform the way you do business. Easy, cost effective, and, in the end, more profitable for you.


Accounting and Payroll

Dominion VUE is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, utilizing built-in SQL Microsoft reporting tools. VUE’s reporting capabilities fit the size of any dealership. When you access data from a truly cloud-based system, you can format your view the way you want, with the columns you need. The system will not control the way you view your data. Looking for data is a snap with Ultimate Search. If you have any question on the web you Google it. With VUE, Ultimate Search quickly searches all web pages to deliver dynamic search results instantly.


Dominion VUE eliminates the need for third-party reporting tools with its built-in real-time advanced reporting. VUE provides you with all the reporting capabilities your dealership will need no matter what the size of the store or group.

Start your day with your custom Dashboard to keep tabs on the pulse of your dealership. Rather than chasing problems and opportunities, let them come to you on your custom dashboard. Create visual representations of your data in real-time and share them with colleagues. Any shared report or visualization will be dynamically updated each time it is viewed. Custom reports are sent via web pages that grant the recipient full access with drill-down capabilities. All of your data resides within VUE, which eliminates 3rd-party islands of information, allowing you to view up-to-the-second data with a complete drill down to any source. You may effortlessly compare any combination of stores data on the fly.

Communication Suite

Dominion VUE allows you to execute internal and external communications easily and directly from the DMS. All customer communication via text or email is stored for reference later. By utilizing text and email capabilities you are able to reach customers the way they prefer, while cutting down phone time, all leading to increased customer satisfaction. Dominion VUE communications streamline the entire customer experience, allowing customers to pay via mobile device, skip the cashier line and going straight to concierge pickup. It’s all comes as standard equipment in Dominion VUE.

Sales and F&I

Dominion VUE allows for user-friendly, interactive SalesDesk and F&I screens that provide the advanced tools automotive professionals need. VUE allows users to instantly screen cast to customers and sales staff with the click of a button. Maximize profits with side by side proposals. Enable your team to provide an excellent sales process from the second they login.

Dominion VUE DMS offers you the best of both worlds. Integrate economically and easily using your existing F&I suite or use ours. Dominion VUE DMS incorporates an F&I suite that has everything an F&I department needs to operate profitably and effectively without needing to use multiple solutions. VUE’s custom electronic menus, integration with top providers, tablet portability, laser printing and eContracting will save time and keep your F&I processes running smoothly.


Dominion VUE is open to 3rd-party integrations which are readily available and easy to access.