Improve Internal and External
Communication Processes

Dominion VUE® DMS provides a unique DMS Communications Suite that helps dealerships efficiently achieve smooth internal and external communications because every tool is in the same system. Avoid communication slowdowns while maximizing efficiency.


How Does Dominion VUE Improve DMS Communications?


  • Streamline your internal and external communications by having them all in one system
  • All customer communications via text or email are stored for reference later
  • Cut down on phone time with text and email communications
  • Offer your customers the ability to pay on-line using Mobile Pay

Access an Enhanced Message Center

The message center allows for easy messaging to employees. Users have the ability to attach reports, Excel documents, company newsletters and much more to manage day-to-day business.


Text & Email Customers Directly from the DMS

Dominion VUE offers a rich DMS communications experience that is accessible throughout the system. The interface is easy-to-learn and utilizes the customers preferred communication method of email or text messaging. Both include the ability to provide secure attachments and authorizations.

Don’t Miss Important Alerts

Management users have the ability to set up system generated alerts based on selected criteria. The system generated alerts allow users to stay knowledgeable about order approvals, financing, and new appointments.

Happy female using smartphone at modern coffee shop, he chatting Online Messaging on mobile.

Skip the Cashier Window

Give your customers the option of Mobile Pay when checking out in the service department, eliminating the cashier line and allowing for a concierge delivery process.

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