Make the Right Decisions with Enhanced Reporting

Whether you’re in charge of one dealership or several, decision making based on your data should be easy, fast and detailed. Reporting in Dominion VUE® DMS provides enterprise-wide reporting with deep, detailed analysis.

How Can Your Dealership Benefit From Enhanced Reporting?


Eliminate the need to collect
and download data to another
3rd-party reporting tool.

Compare your dealership
with industry
leading KPIs.

Real-time reporting allows you to make the right decisions using accurate information.

Effortlessly compare any
combination of stores’
data on the fly.


Real-time Reporting

Instantly review detailed real-time reporting that provides for quick and reliable data across all facets of your enterprise. With Dominion VUE you can analyze data as it is happening and have the ability to make those tough decisions that you couldn’t before.

Customizable Reports

Standard reports in Dominion VUE can be customized and shared with others within the enterprise dealership without using email. Dominion VUE also allows you to set up the reports you use frequently and save them securely on your browser ribbon.


Group Reporting

No matter how large your dealership is, Dominion VUE has the reporting capability to make managing your group easy and profitable. Dominion VUE reporting allows you to pull any group of rooftops into one report to analyze, sort and easily view.


Create custom dashboards to monitor exactly what you need to measure. Save time by keeping the most important items immediately in front of you. Drill down from the dashboard into the report, then directly into the source document with just two clicks.

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