How can Dominion VUE advance your Sales and F&I Processes?

Dominion VUE®DMS allows for a user-friendly and interactive SalesDesk and F&I process and provides the advanced tools your dealership needs. Maximize profits with side-by-side comparisons, menu selling and digital documents. Enable your team with efficient sales processes from the second they log in.

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How Can Your Dealership Benefit From User-friendly Dealership Sales and F&I capabilities?

  • Save time with a full Sales and F&I suite built right into Dominion VUE
  • Create customized shopping experiences with menu selling
  • Compare lease vs. retail prices, terms, and down payments all with the click of a button
  • Share side-by-side comparisons and scenarios from sales manager to salesperson without leaving your desk

Suite of Desking Tools

This suite of tools generates higher customer satisfaction by giving sales managers the ability to send proposals directly to a sales person’s tablet, giving the customer all the information needed to make an informed decision.

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F&I Menu Selling

F&I managers are able to easily sell additional products and services by way of menu selling. Your dealership’s offerings are presented on touch screen tablets that can present customized packages that meet your customer's needs.

eContracting and Digital Documents

This F&I solution will speed up your process in the final stages of the deal leaving your customers more time in their day and reducing the potential for errors. Digital documents ensure consistency from dealership to lender and keep your dealership in compliance through data validation.

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