VUE DMS, a Cloud-Native Platform 

Dominion VUE® 

DMS System meets and exceeds dealers’ expectations of what a DMS should be. Dominion VUE was designed for the Microsoft Azure Cloud, utilizing everything as a service (XaaS) to deliver an all-in-one user experience, putting your business on the same technology level as Fortune 500 companies. 


Why it's Best to Be on the Cloud

  • XaaS allows for easier, faster and more advanced development
    without the complexity of infrastructure maintenance
  • Elastic load scalability lets the cloud autoscale to meet demand
  • Automatic updates will occur seamlessly for exceptional user experience
  • Unmatched bank-level encryption security
  • No downtime
  • Enterprise-grade real-time reporting at your fingertips
  • Reduced cost and accessible anywhere

BYOB - Bring Your Own Browser

Since Dominion’s DMS is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, dealership users can access it from anywhere. All browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Firefox, have their own special features and benefits and can display web pages differently. Dominion VUE allows a user to choose a browser-based on personal preference and performance, not a necessity.

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