Make Profit a Priority

No dealer should have to ask “Where do I begin?” when mining dealership data for equity opportunities. That’s why we developed Priority Page – the fastest, easiest way to identify and contact the top equity customers in your database.

  • Simple.

    • Identifies prospects with just enough detail to see why they are viable candidates
    • Displays original deal terms and estimated savings for a new deal
    • Provides visibility of all contact info including last contact and marketing status


    • Delivers customizable call scripts on screen
    • Offers customizable search criteria to generate market segment lists
    • Stop wasting time generating campaigns or digging around your data

    Enable your team to capture the best possible equity prospects in one place – with Priority Page for Dominion’s DealActivator.

  • Color-Coded Equity List

    DA Priority Call Page Script_cropped

    Detailed Client Menus

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